A NFP Environmentally aware IT company.
Getting IT to charities and projects at home & abroad.

Registration number: INC1700333
ABN: 52 429 267 572
TFN: 455 437 302

A NFP Environmentally aware IT company.
Getting IT to charities and projects at home & abroad.

Registration number: INC1700333
ABN: 52 429 267 572
TFN: 455 437 302

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Moderate UN scenarios suggest that if current population and consumption trends continue, by the 2030s, we will need the equivalent of two Earths to support us.



Here at The Green Tech Crowd, we offer to take companies ex-lease and unwanted IT e-waste, professionally wipe it of all sensitive data and through our links to charities, schools and projects. We can get this equipment to people who desperately need it.

Currently companies will have to pay for someone to collect their e-waste and it is then on-sold to IT re-sellers or finds its way to landfill.

Aligning ourselves with the UN 17 goals for sustainable development
we hope to help to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.


Robin Hood Initiative

Large businesses who have a cost associated to the removal and disposal of their IT e-waste, can now look to TGTC for help

We have connections to Charities in Australia & Asia, so that IT e-waste can be wiped of all sensitive data and donated to to causes that desperately need equipment.  

Environmental Advice

We try to work within the UN goals for sustainable development, this is a program which is educating the next generation to be mindful or the impact on their environment and to put systems in place, so that waste can be dealt with better in the future.

Our close links to the teachers leading these programs enables us to pass on relevant and much needed environmental advice.

Upgrade & Fix

As we have the skills to work on the e-waste of IT equipment, we can offer these services to the general public also. It is not uncommon for a laptop or smartphone to be thrown away or not used, due to battery being dead or a broken screen.

Get in touch and we can give you a free quote on upgrading or fixing your IT equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept e-waste with broken screens?

If the machine is over 6 years old and has a broken screen we would suggest disposing of it yourself, if it is a newer machine and a faulty screen but works on a external monitor, we would accept that.

Who do you use to ship internationally?

We have sent our donations to Cambodia and locally around Australia, with a good knowledge of all the courier companies and Post Office, we make sure we use the correct means to get our donations to our Charities.

Who are your suppliers?

Not all our suppliers wish to be named, those that do we mention in Our Work section and keep updated with how their generous donations help many charities and projects at home and abroad.

What percentage do you donate?

We are a NFP (not for profit) business, our financial records are public record, all profits will go back into the business, so that we can donate as many laptops to our charities and projects as possible.

How do we get items to you?

That is great if you are wanting to send e-waste to us to help, firstly we ask that you call or email us with what you are wanting to send, once we agree that it is worth sending, we can supply you with our PO Box details.

Do you keep track of where your donations go?

We keep a database of all items donated to us and log which worthy cause they have gone to help, our relationship team regularly checks in with our partners to ensure that what we are donating is getting to the people who need it and not abused.


Sydney, Australia
(+61) 0450 909 312
PO Box 1212 Manly NSW 1655