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Robin Hood Initiative 

With the Robin Hood Initiative, we aim to create partnerships with companies, so that their e-waste (IT technology) can be re-appropriated to projects and people who desperately need it.

Along the way we will keep the people who donate, updated with information about what they have given is changing lives for the better.

From an environmental point of view what we are offering is great, from a human interest angle, there is a feel good factor to what we are trying to achieve.

So if you are an IT manager, Marketing Manager or just concerned employee & you would like to help us make a difference, please get in touch.

Who We Are

The Green Tech Crowd is organised as an Incorporated Association. We operate under our Model Constitution. This ensures we have concrete guidelines to work within. The elected committee meet regularly to discuss operations of our NFP business.

President: Lee Wainwright
Vice-President: Phil Giles
Treasurer: Claire Day
Secretary: Oliver Tilling
Officer of the Committee: Matt McGrath


Service Details
Service Details

Upgrade & Fix

As we have the skills to upgrade and fix the machines that we get in, we can of course offer that service to the general public. We are quick to reply with a quote and can offer many options to get your laptop, computer or phone back up and running or upgrading it to run better than ever.

With any laptop that is around 4 years or older, we can simply replace the existing SATA hard drive with a SSD (solid state drive). This change will revolutionize the way your machine will work and you will be amazed at the performance you will now get along with the time you will save. 

With phones, most people put up with a broken screen or a poor performing battery for far too long, we can offer to fix these issues giving you back a properly functioning device which enhances your day to day living.


Environmental Advice

We are regularly communicating with with our partners who educate our next generation using,
The UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development.

Having adopted these goals as rules to follow in our business. We keep informed of schemes and projects that can be implemented anywhere in the world so that caring for our environment can be
at the forefront of our thoughts instead of in most cases, an afterthought.

Examples such as the way France has banned its supermarkets from throwing away
perfectly good food, has been followed by schools in Asia.
Earth day is April 22 in 2017, you can click on the link to see the huge amount of events happening around the world, to combat Climate Change.

If you would like to know more about what we can do to try and combat Climate Change, and ultimately save our planet, please ask.

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