Second Chance BKK

In late November 2016 we had the pleasure to meet Second Chance Bangkok & make our first donation of a laptop to their amazing project.

SCBKK is the brainchild of Aussie ex-pats, Jodie & Chris MacCartney, and has been running since 2008. They have a shop in the Klong Toey district of Bangkok, on the edge of the city’s largest slum community. The Charity Shop, is a location where people can come to donate their unwanted items, SCBKK then sort through the donations and distribute them to the people who need them, they also “upcycle” a lot of the donations, producing gifts that can then be sold around the world. They employ local residents, who can then work on site or even work from home and earn a wage to support themselves.

SCBKK shop, where people can turn up and donate items.

SCBKK shop, where people can turn up and donate items.

The President of TGTC, was made aware of SCBKK by his own cousin who is a Teacher at Bangkok Prep School. When on a trip to Asia, we asked this family member “do you know any charities who could use a laptop”. SCBKK were the first ones recommended to us and after visiting their operation we truly hope to get more laptops to them ASAP.
Also while in Bangkok, we looked at their current IT equipment and helped in getting the older machines working a bit quicker for them.

TGTG Director Lee Wainwright meeting one of Jodie's team

TGTC President Lee Wainwright meeting one of Jodie’s team

SCBKK is a charity project working under the foundation Urban Neighbours of Hope, there are a lot of worthwhile projects happening under the foundation’s umbrella that TGTC will endeavour to help with more IT equipment. Our first Asia donation has definitely left us craving to do more. On to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, next to break the ice with Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) and donate more equipment.

A week after we donated the laptop to SCBKK, Jodie got in touch and shared the great story of where our laptop had gone:

We actually ended up using it for an elderly man who we support for translation work. We have been supporting him in post-prison release for the past 5 years. After 47 years in prison, he was too old, and unable to find work. He speaks fluent English so we have been providing translation work for him to enable him to keep himself busy, and stimulating his brain which also means he has the capacity to cover his own living costs with dignity! The day after you dropped off the computer, he called to say his computer needed to be fixed and was going to cost quite a lot, so we made this laptop available to him! Wonderful timing!

This story just goes to show what a piece of unwanted IT equipment is capable of, in this case, giving this man an income and a purpose.